Upgraded dish washing area – full renovation

Thanks to the ROTARY CLUB of SINGAPORE EAST and some private sponsors we were able to finish a full renovation of the dish washing area and upgrade the uits with a rice filter.

The dish washing area was not designed for the heavy daily use of 2400 children. Rice and other food waste congested the drainage and waste water canals. Even the waste water canals were open, which were the reason of having bucks, rats and lies in this area.

Middle if 2017, members of the ROTARY CLUB SINGAPORE EAST visited the orphanage and committed for immediately change and help to renovate the area. As we also wanted to renovate the outside garden area for health and safety reasons, some private sponsors paid for additional costs.

The investment of 550.000 THB / 14.000 EUR was a large step for the orphanage. The new Health and Cleanness Concept will be fully implemented in 2021.

Thanks to our sponsor and supporters!