Successful 3 Quarters

We are looking back on a very successful work during the first 3 quarters of 2016.

42% of the donations were paid for the implementation of the Heath & Cleanness Concept. This is our main focus and will guarantee sustainability on all further investments. The main focus for 2017 – 2020 will still be Health and Cleanness. Almost 9 Mio THB will be budgeted within the next 3 years for hardware, cleaning festivals and care takers, who will work full time at the orphanage to ensure a higher cleanness of the dormitories.

17% of our donations going into the Facility Manager. Since last 9 months a Facility Manager is on the payroll of Iceman Charity, who takes care of the 22.000 sqm of dormitories, kitchen, canteen and sanitary areas. With the implementation of a facility manager we fatalism was stopped and necessary repairs could be done with low costs. The facility manager is also the lobbyist between our Charity and the Buddhism Management.

16% had been paid for cleaning hardware. Especially the investment of vacuum cleaner had been very successful.

75% of the total budget is used to guarantee HEALTH & CLEANNESS. We are on a good way and absolutely on track to reach our targets within the next 15 month.

Overhead costs, such as office costs, marketing and management are less than 2% of the total budget.
This position is more than covered with the additional benefits we negotiate with our suppliers. Usually we can convince our suppliers to give some additional discount or support of 5% on negotiated offers.

Also in 2016 we can guarantee, that almost 100% of cash donations are received directly by the kids.