Special bed design for multi-use

Prototype Orphans 2.1

We are now starting to design the beds for the orphans. Limited space in their rooms makes it difficult to place beds and still keep enough place for the kids to have tables for doing their homework.
As Thais like to sit on the floor, their is no “must” for chairs. The prototype of the new bed shows a folding table, which could be used from the bedside (sitting cross-legged) or even with a chair from the front side.
We also have to care about the total heights of the bed, is we would block windows otherwise.
The prototype will be ready by Thursday latest, so that mass production will start next week and we can deliver the beds with new mattresses middle of March.
Thanks to Darling Mattress in Bangkok, our partner for the bed design.

The new lockers will be delivered on Friday and Saturday! 110 lockers will be loaded on 2 trucks!