Relaunch of our webpage – New list of projects

The relaunch of our new webpage is uploaded and now shows an overview of all our projects we had done in the past and the actual or future projects.
Within the last years we could help the Wat Sakaeo Orphanage with an investment over 1 Mio EUR. Thanks to our main sponsors HANS GRÖBER STIFTUNG and the Erich Erber family, who made big changes happened!
Last February we reopened the Bangsadej Boys House, which is one of the most modernist dormitories for orphans oin Thailand. It is also a kind of show case for all future investments.
In additional a German student from UNI PASSAU has worked out a guideline for all further constructions. The concept clearly shows where constructions were not planned well in the past and what we have to change in the future.
We have done a lot, but by far not enough! There is still a long way to go and we count on your support!
Check our projects and donate for your favorite project! With all your help you put a big smile on our children’s faces!