positive outlook 2014

We would like to share with you our positive outlook of sponsoring in 2014:

7.070.282,52 THB donations received in 2014
   665.703,70 THB donations recieved as dicounts, sponsored working time, etc

7.735.986.22 THB total Sponsoring budget in 2014 (11.March 2014)
(172.406 €)

The average budget we need per child for the renovation of the accommodation (inside and outside, bed, lockers, windows, etc): 16.169,80 THB / child (360€)

The everage budget for general house cleaning: 219,50 THB / child (4,90 €)

The average an furnitures (bed and lockers): 7.660,20 THB / cild. (170€)

If you want to help us to give these children a better life, you can donate for our 4 key supports: rice, cleaning, furnitures and renovation.

Monks helping @ Wat Sakaew