Letter to all our friends and business partners:

Dear Friend and Business Partner

Now that this year is drawing to an end soon, I would like to use the occasion and thank you for your close friendship and your confidence in our company. My regards coming a bit early but I would like to induce you not to think about the Santa Claus only, but giving some thoughts to the Iceman as well….

Remember the joy you experienced as a kid with a tasty ice cream? Imagine the joy ice cream would bring to 2,446 kids in one of Bangkok’s biggest orphanages! I’ve experienced that joy and my personal quest to bring each orphan an ice cream treat inspired my nickname, The Iceman.

The Iceman Charity started simply when I decided to donate a percentage of my income to support Wat Sakaew Orphans Foundation. This is the most professionally run orphanage in Thailand. Its mission is the welfare of the children and their development into productive, well-educated adults. Seeing how these kids can still smile despite life’s hardships changed my life.

My personal quest soon attracted friends and business associates who wanted to help. The Iceman Charity was born. In 2014, funded by individual and corporate donors, we completed an 8 million Bahtproject to renovate two boys’ dormitories and one boys’ bathroom. The kids in the kindergarten got a playground. New high-pressure cleaning equipment brought new standards of maintenance, and new stainless steel food trays replaced battered, hard-to-clean aluminium ones.

But we also provide little joys these kids deserve more than others. Special meals as treats every other month…and ice cream for everyone! In fact, rice and ice cream are where The Iceman Charity started. We deliver tons of rice several times a year – more than 45 tons – for their daily care and feeding.
We have ambition plans for 2015.  We intend to deliver 999 beds in the girls’ dormitories, that the girls don’t need to sleep on the concrete floor anymore. This project alone will cost €100,000.  Projects like this make a difference, day in and day out, for these children’s lives. It helps them on their way past adversity.
I hope you are inspired to help us by donating to the Iceman Charity. The only return on investment I can offer is 2,446 smiles and a song of appreciation. There is nothing more rewarding!

A Merry Christmas to all of you and best wishes for your health and happiness in the New Year!

Volker Kevin Capito
– The Iceman –