Investment Phase 1 almost finished at Wat Sakaew

Just in time for the school holidays the renovation and refurnishment of Boys House 1 could be almost finished. In Boys House 1 are living around 220 young boys on 2 floors.Because of the preparation for our Thai New Year festival “Songkram” some furniture did not get ready in time and will be delivered within the next 2 weeks. That’s no problem at all, as 8 weeks school holidays started last Friday.

During School holidays 500 boys take part on a “monk-program”. It’s Thai tradition, that boys go to the temple for at least a month in their lifetime and learn about Buddhism. It’s similar for girls, who will be nuns for some weeks. During this time the kids leave their buildings and stay at the temple with the monks, totally involved in all Buddhism activities.
The abbot planned the re-opening of Boys House 1 on the day of the festive shot of the young monks, so that “material satisfaction” moved in the background.

Nevertheless the children were totally amazed, when beds and mattresses had been delivered and they realized, that they will sleep in beds for the first time of their life.
Boys House 1 looks totally different than before. All damages of the concrete had been repaired and the façade is shining in a new color. We also renovated all rooms and walls inside, built new beds and the children got new mattresses, bed covers, pillows and blankets. Also all old wooden and rusted steel boards had been changed in colorful boards.

The total renovation costs for the first house have reached 3.4 Mio Thai Bath. (half of the budget was used for the totally dirty and outdated toilets and washing facilities.

Actually we had planned an opening dinner with ice cream for last Sunday – but as the kids were so amazed to be monks and the renovation project moved into the background, the Grand Opening Dinner is postponed to 2nd Mai.