Great commitment from an additional sponsor – Project Phase II can start on Monday

The Project Phase I (renovation of Boys House 1) will be finished on Sunday. The Iceman will be in the temple from tomorrow to Sunday to proof all done renovation and re-open the Boys House 1 with new beds, mattress and lockers. 
With the full renovation this will be the first house, where children get the higher standard of living and need not to sleep on the floor anymore. A great step and we need to say thank you to our main sponsor from Lichtenstein. Without his sponsorship we could never ever have done such a great job.

We also will discuss with the monks and abit our Phase 2 of renovations. We still have a budget of over 2 Mio THB, which probably is not enough to do a full renovation of another block.

Today we got a great commitment from our partner and friend BIOMIN, who offers us to do Phase 2 hand in hand with them. That will open much more possibilities and opportunities! Thanks a lot to BIOMIN! We really can go another big step now!

Follow us to get all news about the upcoming renovation next week.