Grand Opening of the all new renovated Bangsadej Boys House

On 18. February 2017 the Bangsadej Boys invited sponsors, friends, teachers and their caretakers for the grand opening of the all new renovated dormitory at the Bangsadej School.

The most modern, energy-efficient orphanage dormitory is equipped for sustainability and low cost of operation. This building is a milestone for the further planning and development of the Wat Sakaeo Orphanage to ensure an international standard of living for unprivileged children.

Under the patronage of Abt Prof Dr B.A, M.A., Ph.D Pramaha Phairoh Kritsanvanadea the Boys House of Bangsadej underwent this full renovation, in cooperation with the Iceman Charity and their main sponsors:
Hans Gröber Stiftung, Lichtenstein
Erich und Pyapa Erber, BIOMIN Thailand
Rotary Singapore Club East

The main difference to older dormitories is the sanitary area, where we use modern, stainless steel toilet systems, stainless steel room dividers and modern 6l/min shower facilities.
All water supply is drinking water quality.
The flooring is made from a slip resistant Epoxy, which was supported by the German company MA-Experience.

The total investment is 5,472,600 THB – 148.000 EUR

Flooring 390,500 THB

Electric 236,500 THB

Water Supply 210,500 THB

Drainage 60,000 THB

Sanitary, Toilets, shower 970,000 THB

School Toilet outside 36,000 THB

Garden Area 40,000 THB

Labor costs 3 month 1,800,600 THB

Other parts 235,000 THB

Transportation, heavy machines 121.000 THB

Furniture 570.000 THB

Construction company, 802.500 THB

Permissions, Architect