Girlshouse renovation started in June

Iceman charity project bed for kids

The full renovation of the large girls house started in June. The project is scheduled in 3 phases, every year 1 level of the 3 floor building. More than 500 girls will get almost a new home, with modern sanitary, full renovated dormitories, and a library.

In 2017 we already renewed the 1.400sqm roof after leaks let water into the dormitories on 3rd floor.

This year we will do a full renovation of the 3rd floor. The over 20 years old building was constructed after army regulations and especially the sanitary units do not match with existing and modern regulations for dormitories.

On 3rd floor we also need to set the ceiling 1 m up, as the 2 large rooms are not high enough for air circulation while using bulk beds.

The stainless steel sanitary unites will be imported from Debiel (France). The company is specialized on projects like ours and we have excellent experiences at the Bangsadej House, which we re-opened last year.

All walls will be coated with Pro Color to get a colder inside temperature (-8 degree).

The budget for this year comes from Erich Erber and his friends, who raises donations on different events in Thailand and Austria. With his commitment to support the Icemen Charity and Wat Sakaeo for all 3 floors, the budget for a full renovation is proved.

You find more information about the process of renovation on Facebook.