Girls House deep cleaning weekend

The TEAM2CLEAN was out to clean the 4 level Girls House 1 with a total of 1.800sqm of rooms and 7 bathrooms.
The TEAM2CLEAN activities are part of the “7Mio Bath project”, sposnored in January 2014. For the first year 700.000 THB (17.500 EUR) are saved for the cleaning budget.
We are starting from “Zero”, the temple was not run like a hotel and the children have no education in cleaning, health & hygiene. The first (most large) investment was the Kärcher equipment. Almost 10.000 EUR were invested immediately in minimum high tech needs to do a “deep cleaning” in all facilities. Without more care in cleanes the buidlings and washroom facilities will get poor immediately and need to be renovated more often. Right now the conditions are serious and the team of 10 children (+the iceman) have to work hard to get through all buildings with the hard cleaning tour.
Next step must be a new cleaning concept. We also think about a group of volonteers, who teaching the children how to keep their facilities clean, as well as practical courses for daily cleaning. It will be still a very long way to get them on international standards. Thailand in general is far behind western water standards and therefor the understanding of cleaness is far behind ur expectations.
We are very open for all ideas of our supporters, who want to share their information with us.