German student develops new Hygiene & Cleaning Concept

Great news from the German Student Johannes Strasser, who will come over to Angthong and develop the first Hygiene & Cleaning concept for the orphanage.
In February we installed the TEAM2EAN and started with professional equipment the cleaning of all buildings. The problem during the following month was a not existing Hygiene & Cleaning concept.
Johannes Strasser listened to the Iceman during his latest German tour. He discussed our problem with his German university, which allow him to come over to Wat Sakaew for his 8 week project. 
Hopefully flights will be sponsored, while accommodation will be sponsored by Face & Crowd Asia Pacific, as well as an English speaking Thai to assist during his daily work at the tempel.
All of us will show much respect to Johannes, who definitely has chosen one of the hardest projects. His support will get us milestones forward to a new standard of Hygiene and Cleanness. We will report the whole project on our webpage.
Respect Johannes!