Christmas letter from THE ICEMAN

Volker Capito aka The Iceman with an icecream in his hand

‘Tis the season for wishes, Christmas. Where I come from Christmas is about mulled wine at the Christmas market, the joys of children as they anticipate the visit of St. Nicholas and cherished time with family amid snowy scenery. I still have a Christmas wish now in my adopted home of Bangkok.

My wish is to bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged kids – the kids who nicknamed me The Iceman. Inspired by the plight of children at one of Bangkok’s biggest orphanages, I decided to bring them just a little joy. It started with a simple objective – give each and every one of the 2,446 orphans a taste of happiness: an ice cream treat. Their joy at this simple pleasure changed my life and created the Iceman Charity.

At first, I would give the Wat Sakaew Orphans Foundation a percentage of my income to support its professional mission – the welfare of the children and their development into productive, well-educated adults. Later, friends, colleagues and clients got involved, helping to make an even bigger impact on the lives of these children.

In 2015, the friends of the Iceman Charity achieved huge impact for the kids with contributions from generous benefactors totalling nearly THB 5 million:

  • We built 999 new beds, so all girls at Wat Sakaew can sleep in proper beds now
  • We launched the healthy and cleanliness initiative Fit For 2020
  • We purchased a new professional Kärcher floor cleaning machine for the lunch room
  • We completed renovation of girls’ house 2
  • We secured rice deliveries to provide daily nutrition for the children

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the faces of the children when they see how these improvements change their lives. From a simple ice cream to clean, modern living quarters.

Next year, our objective is to extend the Health and Cleanliness program by procuring new Kärcher cleaning equipment in all 12 buildings and taking a major step forward by hiring a professional facility manager on our payroll to implement the program every day. And, of course, we’ll continue on our mission by securing 70 tonnes of rice…and regular ice cream treats!

We know the world is facing big challenges, but my Christmas wish is focussed totally on 2,446 small challenges. My wish is for your support of the Iceman Charity to help the plight of these orphans. Someday they can change the world.

Thank you!
– Volker Capito, The Iceman –