Buddharakasa Foundation might cooperate with Iceman Charity

The Thailand based Buddharaksa Foundation paid a lot of attention to the Iceman Charity and first meetings have been hold to discuss a potential cooperation. That would be the largest step of our private Charity and  would give us much more possibilities to develop our projects at Wat Sakaeo Orphanage.

The foundation is one of the main supporters of the Wat Sakaeo School:

Helps underprivileged children and youths through existing orphanages. For instance, Srakaew temples and Pra Dhammajarinee Home can be supported in the following ways:

Shelter maintenance to improve quality life.

Build extra buildings for schools and libraries to expand opportunities for more children to be educated
Improve in quality of life through such activities as:
-Refurbishment for orphanages and dormitories
-Build chicken farm projects to farm eggs for students
-Build bio-gas electricity generating projects to reduce school electricity costs.