Bed Production

In cooperation with the monks of Wat Sakaew we designed special beds for the kids at the orphange. As living room is very limited and outside areas don’t have sun protection enough, we had to create a multifunctional bed.
The new “table-bed” can be not used for sleeping only, but also for homework, raeding books, and other activities. As Thais are used to sit cross-legged on the ground in front of a table, these folding platforms can be used from bedside without any chair. For teamwork it’s also possible to use 3 chairs around the table, which is 80cm x 40 cm.
The ramework is with powder coating, which hopefully will last a few years against rust stock.
The beds will be delivered on 27th March. This will be the biggest change of all renovations, as these kids are the first one with real beds and no need to sleep on the floor anymore.