Annual Christmas Letter from the Iceman

Greetings for the holidays from the Iceman!

It is now 15 years ago that I decided to support the Wat Sakaeo Orphans Foundation –  a personal commitment that grew into the Iceman Charity. Our mission is to support the welfare of more than 2,000 orphans at one of the biggest orphanages in my adopted home of Bangkok.

As I write this Annual Appeal, I think back on those early years that gave me my nickname. I remember the amazing smiles on their faces when I provided ice cream treats for the kids. Since then, the Iceman Charity has rallied support for the orphanage with major investments, renovations, ongoing cleaning, rice for three meals a day…and more of those occasional ice cream treats. The momentum behind the Iceman Charity grows and grows, and has gained recognition.

The highlights in 2018 are many:

  • Our largest project started with the renovation of the Girls House for 450 girls, thanks to an Austrian main sponsor and the commitment of Shiripour, a new sponsor partner from Germany.
  • A Dutch family funded upgrading our fully renovated Bangsadey House with high speed internet, helping the older kids use web-teaching and modern web baed school programs. With this new technology we are almost up to date with private schools.
  • Kärcher extended their engagement in the Health & Cleanness concept and we made a huge step forward in cleanliness – with new machines, coaching and their professional support. We now call cleaning “kärchern”.
  • We renovated the kitchen stoves, which is essential to prepare three meals for more than 2,400 kids every day.
  • We only could do all these investments, because our commitment on rice deliveries could be ensured through a Swiss company, who donated regularly tons of rice.
  • Since June, we now have 3 cleaning staff at the Orphanage. That has made a huge difference but their hands are full. Our goal is to achieve a milestone of at least 9 cleaners to manage the whole orphanage’s hygiene.

I’m grateful for the support for these large projects, but at this time for reflection and giving to the less fortunate, it’s important to remember that every donation counts. Not every gift comes from deep pockets. One of our most regular donors is from a man in Berlin who is jobless and sick person, yet he donates between 2,40€ and 6€ every month because he loves our work. That’s all he has left from social welfare at the end of the month.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our sponsors large and small who put smiles on these children’s faces.

Even though I can’t achieve my wish of being Santa Claus for these orphans, I can make a difference for these less fortunate children…with your kind help. 

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas

The Iceman