Annual Christmas Letter from the Iceman

Happy Holidays from the Iceman!

It is time for my annual appeal of the Iceman Charity. By now you know the story of the Iceman and my passion to support the Wat Sakaeo Orphans Foundation, one of Bangkok’s largest orphanages. What started as a simple personal commitment nearly 20 years ago to give an ice cream to every one of Wat Sakaeo’s orphans has now grown into the Iceman Charity and its mission of making the lives of these children much better.

Seeing the smiles on their faces is such motivation! The Iceman Charity still inspires smiles from our regular ice cream treats for all 2,446 orphans, but now our work is far more ambitious. We provide tonnes of rice that is a daily staple and we target major improvements in living conditions and learning projects. All thanks to our amazing donors. People like you.

It has been a year of results.

We started a volunteer program to teach English, a skill that will help the children in both their education and future employment. And we placed six Wat Sakaeo orphans in the best Asian school with full scholarships. I’m excited to grow this iniative so that orphans aren’t deprived of opportunities for good careers.

This year also marked the renovation of Floor 2 of the Girls’ Dormitory. This project is a work in progress. We still need an additional  35,000 EUR to bring it to a successful completion. I hope I can count on your help. We’re also working with the sponsor who built the Alice Girls House for the small girls, and we plan the renovation of the bathroom facilities there in 2020.

Meanwhile, our Health and Cleanliness Program continues to be a growing success. As donations allow, we hope to add to the four full-time cleaning staff to look after this facility, Plus it’s great to see the orphans participate in the upkeep of their facilities as they grow toward adulthood.

There’s still much to do. At this time of year, in Bangkok, my adopted home, I think about what more we can do to support the Wat Sakaeo Orphans Foundation. I know that together we can make a difference for these kids via the Iceman Charity. Let’s keep up the pace as we work to achieve major investments, renovations, ongoing cleaning, rice for three meals a day…and more of those occasional ice cream treats.

I wish you the best of the holiday season and hope that this year you will include the Iceman Charity in your giving as we support the less fortunate. Every gift counts for these kids, and they depend on us more and more.

My best wishes to you and yours for the happiest of holidays.

With 2446 smiling faces,

The Iceman – Volker Capito