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Mac Doerr gives Bangsadej Boys a landmark

Mac Doerr, a German graffiti artist changed the old water basin of the Bangsadej Boys House in a landmark! What a great idea to spend time with his family at Wat Sakaeo Orphanage and spraying the old water basin in front of the renovated Bangsadej house with an elephant! Colors can change life in an […]

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Annual Christmas Letter from the Iceman

Happy Holidays from the Iceman! It is time for my annual appeal of the Iceman Charity. By now you know the story of the Iceman and my passion to support the Wat Sakaeo Orphans Foundation, one of Bangkok’s largest orphanages. What started as a simple personal commitment nearly 20 years ago to give an ice […]

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We don’t build hope, we build futures!

Inspired by the plight of children at one of Bangkok’s biggest orphanages, Volker Capito decided to bring them just a little joy. He started with a simple objective – give each and every one of the 2,446 orphans a taste of happiness: an ice cream treat. Their joy at this simple pleasure changed his life […]

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