Halbjahresbilanz 2018

Iceman Charity Project Sponsors for more

During the last 6 month we were busy with repairs, social programs and trainings and planned the large renovation of the girls house. In the next 6 month we will spend 3.5 Mio THB for the full renovation of the 3rd floor and water-systems / drainage.


01.01.2018 – 30.06.2018

   855.253.34 THB  Cash Donations (+ material donations and additionally negotiated discounts)

     43.172,90 THB  Transportation of the Singapore Container

1.124.475,25 THB  Repairs

105.130,90 THB  Bangsadej annual repair

122,461,50 THB  Canteen outside area garden

190.838,78 THB  New drainage canteen (after massiv water leaks)

135.253,35 THB  Shower room canteen repair (along with drainage)

151.079.72 THB   Repair stoves kitchen

419.711.00 THB   cash help urgent needs, agreed by Wat Sakaeo Commitee

1.337.998,62 THB   Grils House renovation / 1st payments

     74.000,00 THB   Rice and Meals for the kids

   382.953,00 THB   Staff costs (Facility Manager, Kindergarden caretaker, Bangsadej caretaker, Iceman Supervisor/Translation)

 2.926,00 THB  Cleaning

     291.626,18 THB   Logistics (some costs will be transferred to projects) *

3.750,00 THB   Administration costs

37,536,83 THB   Translation costs (costs include full time translater for the dentist project)

3.896,00 THB   F&B staff costs

117.861,47 THB    Dentist project (costs will be transferred to projects)

41.730.00 THB   C2C Asian Network / administration, accounting, planning

8.210.00 THB   Transportation costs

5.710.00 THB   Office material

22.222,00 THB   Social Tours / Training kids

41.996,25 THB   Marketing (exhibition booth, display, Facebook)

13.151,63 THB   Webpage (translation 3 languages annual re-launch page)


Total investments: 3.260.751,95 THB = 85.000 EUR

* Logistic costs appears with 9%, but includes the Dentist project. Logistic costs after cleanup 136.227,88 THB = 4,2 % (Our target is to be under 5%)

Volker Capito, The Iceman