Annual Christmas Letter from The Iceman

Holiday Greetings from the Iceman!

My annual appeal at Christmas time is anything but usual this year, when we’ve all been through so much. It was a year of challenges like we could never have foreseen. But it also was a year that made me grateful beyond words for the support of people like you all around the world.

The pandemic and lockdown measures have prevented us from being able to come to the aid of the 2,446 orphans of the Wat Sakaeo Orphans Foundations as our instincts demand. I was stranded in Saudi Arabia on a work project and have been waiting for permission to return to Thailand. It has been an agonosing time for me.

Knowing the orphanage was facing a crisis that threatened its very existence, we turned to you in April and May to secure emergency funding to prevent the worst. I’m so thankful that, with your support, the orphanage survived.

I have kept the memory of these precious children in my heart from afar, and I know that many of you have too. I thought back to how I became the iceman 20 years ago, when I made the Wat Sakaeo orphanage my personal charitable mission. It started by giving each child an ice cream and raising funding for tonnes of rice for their meals. As more people donated their time and money, it grew into a much bigger mission, the Iceman Charity.  to change the children’s lives by making improvements to the orphanage facilities to enable them to be well educated and prepared for their adult lives.

When the pandemic struck, we had to suspend major investment work until 2021 to focus on basic survival. Now we are looking to resume the more ambitious projects. bigger improvements. The main project for 2021 will be to renovate the bathroom facility for the youngest children in line with the improvements we made to the girls’ dormitory.

I know that many of you dug into your pockets to help our emergency appeal earlier in the year, and that you have experienced your own disruptions due to Covid-19. But I hope that as the holiday season begins you will still think of the children of Bangkok’s biggest orphanage in your giving.

One note, if you do make a donation via bank transfer, can you email us to let us know? This is because the foundation’s bank statement does not show detail for foreign donations. We want to be able to convey our thanks for each and every donation we receive and assure you it’s going for a great cause.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you and yours for a safe and joyous holiday season, and a much better new year to come.